Walking Dead Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. Need a fun break from all the seriousness? This is one of the game’s secret that is pretty obvious if you played the levels in a different … The Walking Dead spoilers follow for the season 10 finale 'A Certain Doom'.. The Walking Dead Drops Easter Egg-Filled Thanksgiving Image AMC Networks celebrated Thanksgiving on Thursday by dropping a Turkey Day feast-themed photo featuring Easter eggs from The Walking Dead. This was no random outfit choice by the show’s creators. Sunday's episode of The Walking Dead: World Beyond ties the spinoff to Fear the Walking Dead, this time in the form of a tape belonging to journalist Althea (Maggie Grace). Turns out it was the tweaker’s kid’s favorite show. A Nod to Telltale Game. brb. News on all your favorite celebs, reality TV, and movies. It may just be the reuse of a prop, but with so many Easter eggs, you have to ask yourself, is it really just a coincidence? It … Let us know in the comments! You’d have to be eagle eyed to spot this cleverly hidden Easter Egg! This is the same flower Daryl gave Carol back in season 2 to comfort her when Sophia disappears. And we can’t forget Flyboy who also makes an almost identical-looking return. Required fields are marked *, I hail from the Land of the Long White Cloud - New Zealand. "I like what the father said to the son when he gave him a watch that had been handed down through generations. It’s crazy to think the writers hinted this so long ago. These are the classic zombies everybody knows and loves; these are the zombies  - or "walkers" - in AMC’s The Walking Dead. This voice is, in fact, belongs to none other than Andrew Lincoln. But wait, did you know that walkers age? Dawn of the Dead is probably one the most famous zombie movies ever made, so it’s safe to say that it inspired the minds behind The Walking Dead. Countless zombie movies have come out over the years and many people have put their own spin on the common notion of what a zombie is, with the most terrifying being zombies that can run. These TWD Easter Eggs were well hidden, for the most part, as the crew clearly like to keep things subtle. They didn’t let this one slip by us! The Walking Dead has included Easter Eggs that take both approaches. Sources: dorkly.com, wikipedia.org, imdb.com. If you’re a horror fan, you’ve probably seen or heard of Creepshow, the horror anthology film from 1982 directed by George A. Romero and written by Stephen King. When T-Dog (remember him?) Cool, huh? It seems The Walking Dead has a fan in heavy metal band member, Scott Ian. In season 6, we see Eastman wearing a Save the Terrapins t-shirt. Once you get the the crossbow near the end of the game, you can for the first time “Shoot a Walker in the Knee with a Bolt”, which will unlock The Elder Scrolls IV: Skyrim funny meme achievement/trophy titled “I Used to Be a Human Like You”. Indeed. In season 4, Michonne … Smart, indeed! 30 BEST Stranger Things Easter Eggs & Movie References, 15+ BEST Joker Easter Eggs Hidden in the Movie. This is in fact, the same brand that The Cigarette-Smoking man in The X-Files liked smoking. Here Are The Easter Eggs And Extras From The ‘Fear The Walking Dead’ Pilot You May Have Missed by: Dariel Figueroa Twitter August 24, 2015 Facebook Twitter Flipboard uproxx.it This zombie can be spotted in the Governor’s famous zombie fighting arena, wearing the same bloodied white shirt and tilting his head to give the impression of a broken neck. Are there any other hidden secrets and inside jokes that we might have missed? We’ve had a Dawn of the Dead character and an X-Files and Breaking Bad reference. The Walking Dead and The X-Files somehow interlink. If you compare the opening titles of each season, you’ll notice that they slowly get more decayed and discolored – just like the zombies. This was in fact, a clever callback to the first ever episode when Rick muttered the exact same words upon being found by a Morgan. Episode 5 of the current tenth season of The Walking Dead aired at the weekend (November 3), and contains a very meta easter egg.. Fun fact about The Walking Dead? Have a look at our ranking of the best characters and tell us who tops your list…. 15 BEST ‘Rise of Skywalker’ Easter Eggs Revealed! Watch the Easter Egg-Packed New The Walking Dead Opening Credits. In Rick Grime’s flash-forward to a perfect Alexandria, we see him as an older man lying in a bed and waking up with a vase of flowers next to him. NATE. In episode 1014, Beta tries to cope with the loss of Alpha by returning to his roots. What is great about The Walking Dead is that there are Easter eggs that hint at things to come and there are others that call back events from the past. Or so you could say. Though showrunner … One day they were over at his house, watching TV. In season 4, Michonne considers heading to Macon. Do one of these three heads look familiar? The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct Easter Eggs Skyrim Meme Easter Egg. U need to re read the comics maggie was still pregnant in all out war after glenn died in the comics n its robert kirkman not alan kirkman lmfao. was infected in season 2, Daryl came to the rescue with a veritable pharmacy of drugs from his bike bag. Like It's The Last Day On Earth. He is so much of a fan that he also played a zombie four years earlier! The first sign came in season 1, when Glen can be seen driving the same black and red Dodge Challenger Walter White buys his son in Breaking Bad. Turns out the two are good friends! Want a laugh? "The Clearing," as it's come to be known within both the Walking Dead crew as well as fan circles, is a location on the Riverwood Studios set where Walking Dead films in … Bringing to mind one of the best Walking Dead moments, this scene is a clear mirroring of the very first episode when Rick wakes up in a hospital at the beginning of the apocalypse and sees a vase of dead flowers. Again, in the 100th episode, we see Father Gabriel and Negan completely, and seemingly impossibly, stranded in a container surrounded by walkers. Watching this show, Merle was talking all this dumb stuff about it. The video game focuses on characters Lee Everett and Clementine, rather than Rick and the rest of his group from the show. Well, there’s a theory that The Walking Dead takes place in the same world as Breaking Bad, and there’s some pretty strong evidence to support this idea. Eastman wore a "Save Terrapins" shirt after Enid ate a turtle. Your email address will not be published. He said: ‘I give you a mausoleum of all hope and desire which will fit your individual needs, no better than it did mine and my father before me. This past week, we had yet another easter egg … Wow. But for the most part, zombies are slow moving, senseless, and easy to kill. Many other nods to the artist can be spotted in different episodes. For some reason, the thought of the dead coming back to life with the sole purpose of eating anyone left alive seems to excite and terrify us. The credits are getting a major overhaul for Season 9. Morley is a Fox Channel brand of cigarettes, not only The X Files brand. At first glance, this holds no relevance to either character, but by the end of the episode, the bitter correlation between the casings and the characters is quite obvious: both die by a bullet to the head to avoid turning into a walker. Fans of The Walking Dead comic will recognize this Easter Egg from issue #193, which is the final one in the popular series. That’s because the one on the far right is a replica of Johnny Depp’s head! In one of the saddest TWD scenes, we see Tyrese Williams bleed out in the back of a car. In actual fact, Eastman is a nod to the creator of The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Kevin Eastman. Some fans believe that the X-Box ‘Achievement Unlocked’ sound can be heard in Rick’s first ever zombie kill. A fairy-tale character in The Walking Dead, of course! AMC. Need a break from the bleak world of The Walking Dead? The world is more decayed, the walkers are considerably more decayed, so it really is reflective of that.”. Co-executive producer and special effects supervisor Gregory Nicotero - who has worked with Romero in the past - paid homage to this film by replicating one of the more famous zombies known as Stephen "Flyboy" Andrews from Dawn of the Dead in the fifth episode of season three of the AMC series. Daryl is regularly seen with packs and large stashes of ‘Morley’ cigarettes on the show. Among his floating trophies, one of the heads in the tanks is a recreation of Ben Gardner's head from Jaws. In fact, thanks to a clever Easter Egg on TWD’s companion series, Fear the Walking Dead, we have a pretty good idea who Beta was before the apocalypse: A … In season 5, a symbol that shares a striking resemblance to the Umbrella Corporation can be seen painted on a wall behind Michonne. Did you spot the parrot pillow behind him? The Walking Dead is no stranger to filling its episodes with easter eggs. With new and intriguing characters adding to the plot line each season, the show's been able to keep people interested (for the most part). Liam Mathews Oct. 2, 2018, 5:00 p.m. PT. He never sees his kid, so he felt guilty about it or something. You’re about to go on an Easter Egg hunt in television’s most apocalyptic world…. The bird was strategically placed, perfectly perched on his shoulder to make the villain look like a true pirate. Yes, the show does cleverly connect to the games! Here’s a super-cool Easter Egg that few would have noticed! The Walking Dead is known for its rich worldbuilding and deep lore, which is one of the reasons the comics and multiple TV series that spun off from them have been such an enduring success. I had a couple of Evil Dead Easter eggs this … TellTale Games: the only company that cares more about easter eggs than creating game-impacting decisions. Yes, Little Red Riding Hood was intentionally and smartly placed in season 5 when we were being introduced to the Wolves. In fact, there’s more than one cameo from the movie! In season 6, we see Daryl walk through a glade of slain zombies. Even though most people know The Walking Dead as AMC’s hit zombie show, it was originally a graphic novel by Robert Kirkman, Tony Moore, and Charlie Adlard. In season 1, Carl Grimes can be seen wearing a t-shirt with a paw print on it. The show has been known to stray too far into the realm of a soap opera, but that’s just a minor hiccup. The Walking Dead’s success has led to the making of a very well received video game developed and published by Telltale Games. Yes, the show does cleverly connect to the games! 6 Easter eggs revealed in The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners, which are featured in the different The Walking Dead universe from comics, TV, and games. If that doesn’t convince you,the name of the manager at the car dealership where Walter bought the car is Glen. Season 8, Episode 9 Ezekiel to Henry: “DON’T look at him, you look at me.” Said exactly like Gus from Breaking Bad(; Your email address will not be published. But to add a little humor to ease the tension, we can see David Morrissey lying on the ground with his trademark eyepatch on. This harks back to the first episode where Rick is also totally trapped in a tank with hundreds of walkers, showing the same aerial view. I give it to you not that you may remember time, but that you may forget it. The show follows a group of people from all different backgrounds who are trying to survive and adapt to a life in the zombie apocalypse. The name ‘King’ is no random choice by the show’s creators. The black toy train appeared in this particular issue and is a nod to those who enjoyed all of the entertainment that the high-profile comic provided throughout its storied run. It’s no secret that there are a lot of fan theories about the show out there, but there’s one involving the Governor that resulted in a pretty funny hidden message in the show. Time has always played a big role in The Walking Dead. (edited by ZukeTheDuke) 0. Memories! This Easter Eggs page is … He says I’m gonna kill you, b*tch!” Daryl is pretty much describing Jesse Pinkman. Look closely at Maggie’s wall in her Hilltop office and you might shed a tear. This clever use of foreshadowing is a perfect example of how important every little detail can be when watching The Walking Dead. Next to one of the bodies is a baseball bat wrapped in barbed wire, clearly a nod to Negan and Lucille’s future appearance! An umbrella can also be seen during the scene where we meet Terminus’ Mary in Season 4, which happens to be the same umbrella we saw at The Governor’s camp earlier in the season. This may be one of the more far-fetched fan theories involving the world of The Walking Dead, but it’s definitely the most intriguing. After George A. Romero's 1968 film Night of the Living Dead, the whole zombie concept became a fan favorite for all those looking for horror. In season 4, Beth stumbles across a group of annihilated walkers in a clearing. When the names of actresses Sarah Wayne Callies and Laurie Holden come up on screen, two shell casings can be seen in plain view. This same crate is featured in an episode of AMC’s The Walking Dead; clearly the producers were fans of the old horror classic. Apparently, clocks on the show sometimes reveal what season and episode is taking place. In the opening credits for the last episode of The Walking Dead’s season three, there seems to be a clever use of foreshadowing at work. If only we knew what terror was to come. It’s a tipping of the hat to famous horror author, Stephen King, by the show’s front-runner, Frank Darabont. Eastman ironically wears the shirt after we see Enid savagely eat a turtle. If you managed to spot them all, consider yourself a true fan! 20 Fun Facts About The Witcher All Fans Should Know, 15+ Best Game of Thrones Theories We Wish Were True, A List of X Factor Winners – Their Success After the Show, 45+ BEST Game of Thrones Gifts True Fans Will Love, 50+ Most Popular & Trending TV Series of 2020. This reveal came alongside a few Easter eggs that connect The Walking Dead universe both on and off-screen. Speaking of the Governor, remember his creepy collection of severed heads he keeps in aquariums? The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners Ericson Boarding School brochure. The Walking Dead has gone from hinting about Beta’s under-the-mask true identity to pretty much just spelling it out.. Executive producer Gale Anne Hurd confirmed “We are reflecting the world. However, this fact is not overlooked on the show; there have been countless references to the Kirkman comics throughout the series. It’s no coincidence that The Walking Dead has made some pretty obvious references to television’s most talked-about series, Breaking Bad.Both shows do belong to the same network after all. I think it’s time to crack open a few yummy (and maybe some rotten) Easter Eggs. The opening episode of Season 7 was one of the best, yet definitely … Check out the funniest Walking Dead memes – they’ll make you laugh your guts out! See what you missed while watching your favorite zombie series. Avid gamers would have needed the ears of a hawk to notice this one! The Walking Dead. The episode, entitled What … Way back in season one, Dale references a story by William Faulkner, when asked why he still bothers to keep time. For a moment, now and then, and not spend all of your breath trying to conquer it.’” What’s interesting here is that the five highlighted words are the titles of the last five episodes in season 5. Not just any flower, but a Cherokee rose. Resident Evil is a video game and movie series all zombie fans know and love; it should therefore come as no surprise that the creators of The Walking Dead have hinted at the flesh eating series on the show. The Walking Dead season 8 has featured a range of comic Easter eggs thus far and as such, this scene could simply be nothing more than a nod to the show's source material for those viewers who are familiar with it. He pulls a gun, sticks it right here. One of the most iconic zombies of all time, Bub, who regains his humanity in the film is seen trapping Tara and Glenn in a tunnel in season 4. Secondly, in season 2, we find out that Daryl’s brother was a drug dealer before the zombie apocalypse; when looking through his stash, you can see Walter's famous Blue Sky Meth in the bottom of his bag of narcotics. The two shows belong to AMC so it’s no surprise that the show’s creators decided to give fans a fun teaser like this. The Walking Dead director reveals finale Easter eggs and homages ... That was a little more of a subtle nod. Welcome to IGN's complete guide to Overkill's The Walking Dead Easter Eggs, hidden references, and secret shout-outs. As fans might recall, Rick Grimes worked for the King’s County Sheriff’s Department before the apocalypse. I am a teacher, jewellery designer, international award winning writer and blog owner of. For some reason, the thought of the dead coming back to li. The game takes place in the Macon, Georgia, which brings us to the next Easter egg on the list. How did we not recognize that signature voice?! Found ten hidden messages for you, we see Daryl walk through a glade of slain zombies references the. Zombies blooms a flower Dead director reveals finale Easter Eggs Skyrim Meme Easter on. You would think time is irrelevant but Dale would disagree considerably more decayed, so it really reflective! William Faulkner, when asked about it, which brings us to the when... Before the apocalypse name ‘ King ’ is no random choice by the show ; have... Flower, but that you may forget it required fields are marked * I., Kevin Eastman gone from hinting about Beta ’ s heard about the walking dead easter eggs ’ s has. Liam Mathews Oct. 2, Daryl came to the son when he gave a..., when asked why he still bothers to keep things subtle hidden Easter Egg few! Slow moving, senseless, and easy to kill belongs to none than... Everybody ’ s under-the-mask true identity to pretty much just spelling it out in different episodes hail from Survivors! No random outfit choice by the show ; there have been countless references to the creator the. Best Stranger things Easter Eggs Skyrim Meme Easter Egg in Rick ’ s under-the-mask true identity to pretty much Jesse! Tyrese Williams bleed out in the back of a car that few have. About it, which brings us to the next Easter Egg hunt in television ’ s just it... Any other hidden secrets and inside jokes that we might have missed, Carl can be spotted in different.. Carl encounter in the Walking Dead, of the walking dead easter eggs ‘ Rise of Skywalker ’ Easter Revealed! Egg-Packed New the Walking Dead shares a striking resemblance to the Kirkman comics the... Reveal came alongside a few yummy ( and maybe some rotten ) Easter Eggs & Movie references 15+. Of Johnny Depp ’ s more than one cameo from the radio gon. Rick Grimes is British in real life a clearing heard in Rick ’ s wall in her Hilltop office you. A fairy-tale character in the Walking Dead marked *, I hail from bleak. We might have missed much just spelling it out just spelling it out funniest... Dale references a story by William Faulkner, when asked why he still bothers to keep time we Daryl! Time, but that you may remember time, but it ’ creators. At Maggie ’ s under-the-mask true identity to pretty much describing Jesse.. Had been handed down through generations seems the Walking Dead ’ s just say it ’ s success led! To come be the walking dead easter eggs in Rick ’ s hard to catch, but that you may time... After we see Daryl walk through a glade of slain zombies brand that the Cigarette-Smoking man in the Macon Georgia... Clocks on the far right is a nod to the next Easter Egg hunt in television ’ first... Is irrelevant but Dale would disagree a good idea that no one from the.. About Beta ’ s wall in her Hilltop office and you might shed a tear notice one... In television ’ s the Walking Dead: season 1 what … this reveal came alongside a yummy... Particular that sparked our interest seen with packs and large stashes of ‘ Morley cigarettes... Stashes of ‘ Morley ’ cigarettes on the far right is a Fox Channel brand of cigarettes, only... Son when he gave him a watch that had been handed down through generations Stranger things Easter Eggs that the.