This is possible even with a finished ceiling, by tapping it to locate a joist under the plaster or drywall. The unit itself weighs 4.4kg. This becomes an issue if you’ve got a stubby seat post, or an aero seat post. The bike can be attached via front or rear fork, resting on the bottom bracket support. For most work on a bicycle, the wheels need to be off the floor so they will spin, and the parts being adjusted or replaced need to be at a convenient height. Wrenches. If these aren’t robust, you can find the whole thing tipping your way in the middle of a complicated procedure, which isn’t ideal, Folding size: if space is a factor, check the stand folds down to a size where you can store it easily, Height adjustment: can you change the height at which the bike will be balanced? The clamp can crush a carbon-fiber tube -- a couple of thousand dollars' loss with one dull, hollow "crack". The best money-no-object bicycle repair stand: Feedback Sports Sprint Bicycle Repair Workstand. A bicycle hanging from such a hook is at a convenient height for a person of average height to work on the wheels and drivetrain. The lack of solid clamp and lower weight of the unit makes it more suitable for jobs where you’re not going to need to produce a huge amount of torque – changing cables and adjusting brakes – but if you plan to stick to these kinds of jobs it’s a good lightweight option. The unit itself weighs 3.29kg and can hold up to 25kg. Unfortunately many people learn what they are via purchasing a bad bike stand. Bike stand, the red hook can be adjusted to 6 different heights. The max load is 20kg and working height is not adjustable, at 80cm. Many repairs, and even wheel truing, can be done with the bicycle lying on its side. The overall weight is 5.9kg and it can take up to 38kg, with a folded size of 13 x 19 x 76cm. Park Tool. This DIY bike shop will be the Skills with Phil headquarters. The height is adjustable, and the clamp can suit tube widths from 30 to 80mm. Important if more than one person will be using it, Max weight: the greater the weight the stand can take, the more sturdy it’s likely to be. With Halfords beginner and expert bike stands, wave goodbye to flipping your bike … The most essential tool to any home workshop is a bike stand, as this will allow you to stand your bike in the ideal position when carrying out repair or maintenance work. Most home mechanics will want a foldable bike stand which clamps the bike via the top tube or seat post. Be careful not to clamp over a cable, water-bottle boss or other protruding fitting, or you may dent a frame tube. --> Bikehand Bike Repair Stand (Max 55 lbs) - Home Portable Bicycle Mechanics Workstand - for Mounta… Park Tool PCS-10 at a Glance: Sturdy design that holds … Laying the bicycle on top of a table with one end of the handlebar dangling over the edge allows the front wheel to lie flat and spin freely. Repair Stands. >>> 11 things you need to maintain your bike. Work stands are not only for bike shops. Here’s a look at some of our favourite bike stand models…, Park Tool PCS-10 home mechanic repair stand. The design means the bike can swivel 360 degrees, which is handy for jobs where you want to get up close. This makes it easier to loosen tight bolts such as those on bottom brackets. The fork holders are adjustable and suitable for 55mm quick release skewers. The clamp rotates to 360 degrees and extends to cater for tubes from 22 to 52mm. A bike stand suspends your bike in mid air, so that you can work on it without having to hold it up yourself, prop it against anything or (‘rules’ observers close your eyes) turn it upside down. The legs fold for easy storage, and then in use they sprawl out to provide a wide and stable base. If the seat post is also of carbon fiber, replace it with a metal one before lifting the bicycle onto the work stand. The 2 x 4s can be rotated to fit any bicycle, or up into the ceiling when not in use; the lag screws are tightened just enough so friction holds the 2 x 4s in place. One of the cheapest options available (unless you’re lucky enough to pick up an Aldi Special Buys bike stand in one of their low run product drops, usually about £30), the Xtreme available at Rose Bikes again carries many features you’ll find on more expensive models. You can read more about how we make money in our, Best road cycling helmets: a buyer’s guide to comfortable, lightweight and aero lids, Failure to Success: The Rapha Festive 500 in 2020, Best road bikes under £1500, or $2000, in 2021, Clamping adjustment: you want this to be quick to use, to save yourself having to fiddle with knobs and dials with one hand whilst trying to balance the bike with the other, Strong clamps: foldable stands will feature several clamps which need to be tightened when in use. Koreyosh Bike Repair Stand Foldable Aluminum Alloy Height Adjustable Bicycle Repair Rack w/Tool T… This is a stitched panorama, shot under tight conditions. Homemade Bike Stands: What's more DIY than making your own bike stand so you can repair your own bicycle? Coming from X-Tools, the in-house brand at Wiggle, this prep stand carries many of the features of more expensive options. A folding bike stand which has been a firm favourite in the Park Tool range for some time. The major flaw is that you’ll have to remove and remount the bike to get to the other side – which isn’t always ideal, but for basic jobs, adjustments and cleaning, it’ll have you sorted. It is only to avoid leaning the bike against a wall. You can mount it at any height you like, and the clamp arm can be positioned on the top or seat tube, with a quick release mechanism. It’s height adjustable from 100 to 160 cm, and has a max load of 18kg. These are lightweight, usually cheaper, and appropriate for the majority of bikes. Adaptors are available for 15mm and 22mm front thru axles and 135 x 12 and 142 x 12 bolt through rear axles. Shop for Bike Repair Stands at REI - FREE SHIPPING With $50 minimum purchase. The stand comes with an allen key to adjust all the bolts, but once that’s done everything is tool free thanks to the quick release levers. Every home workshop needs some kind of work stand. Choose from 19 models, including stands … Bicycle work stands are great for the novice and experienced rider alike. In … eval(ez_write_tag([[580,400],'sheldonbrown_com-banner-1','ezslot_2',626,'0','0'])); Last Updated: Every home workshop needs some kind of work stand. There’s a reason no professional workshop is complete without a bike stand: undertaking even simple jobs is made much harder without one.